The studies and investigation in World Bank indicates that, in industrial and developing countries, small and medium industrial units have had tangible effects and have played an important role on defining countries’ economic indexes. The successful policy in industrial and developing countries in applying engineering software as well as different kinds of aids to them, with the aims of increasing their products’ quality and quantity, have caused influential changes in these countries’ economy, industrial culture, stable employment rate and finally industrial export development.

With emphasis on this way, Amir Kabir Industrial Workshops Area established its activity on small and medium industries in 1991 on western part of Isfahan city with the area of 127 hectares. The first phase of zone includes 18 Blocks with the amount of 950 industrial units then the five blocks of second phase started their activities. For the time being the third phase of AmirKabir Industrial Workshops Area is under design and investigation. By hiring more than 5000 workers, AmirKabir Industrial Workshops Area have been influential on province and country’s industrial strength.

The most outstanding feature of our industrial zone is the availability of university graduate workers beside industrialists in the place; and also the availability of industrial workshops with various fields besides each other as if they can access to their needs with not so much effort.

Amir Kabir Industrial Workshops Area meets most of the country’s needs taken from tools and mould making, machine building, construction of mining equipment and etc. through which the supporting ground of the districts’ large  industries like zobahan, Mobarakeh Steel Co. , Khouzestan Steel co. , Refinery and Petrochemical industry, Power Plants, Military and Automotive industries, Cement companies and etc,  are  been provided.

MIDEST fair and participation of more than 12 company members of SPX in this exhibition
MIDEST is the largest fair in the field of industrial subcontracting network which makes a kind of suitable opportunity for creating of industrial cooperating networks and also makes an appropriate situation for industrial subcontractors in the fields of starting, connecting and developing cooperation in designing and manufacturing equipments and parts.


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